LPL 2023 on SBC TV , Nethra TV and Supreme TV

Sri Lanka’s television broadcast coverage for the highest sports tournament record for 2023 LPL tournament.

The 2023 LPL tournament, which starts today and runs until August 20, will be among the record books as the sports tournament which is broadcasted with the highest number of television numbers in Sri Lanka and the highest television coverage.

Accordingly 8 Frequency s on “SBC TV” channel, 9 Frequency on “Nethra TV” and 5 Frequency on “Supreme TV” i.e. television numbers over 2020 covering every corner of Sri Lanka complete 2023 LPL full tournament On the air.

Among those numbers include VHF 07 and Supreme TV UHF 47 island wide numbers covering 95% of the country across the total numbers, the 2023 LPL tournament will be telecast this year.

As the 2023 LPL tournament selected matches are broadcasting through Swarnawahini, one of the country’s leading television channel, Swarnawahni channel’s television coverage is being broadcasted across the islandwide numbers.

Along with that, Swarnawahini Media Network owned by Mr. Alliraja Subaskaran, the owner of the Jaffna Kings team, who owns the official television broadcasting of this 2023 LPL tournament.

The media network which broadcasted a sports match with the highest number of television numbers and the most cover zone in Sri Lanka is also among the record books.

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